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Resistance was futile!

The struggle, the pain, finishing my masters last year. Memories now long forgotten. I swore never to do a PhD. I forgot. I started my PhD two months ago. I’ll spend the next three years analysing the transcriptome of cancer samples. Working at the Norwegian Radium Hospital. With an Illumina GA. I foresee much pain. […]

Galaxy (interactive and reproducible genomics)

Russel Smithies (of AgResearch) suggested using Galaxy assisting in setting up a local GBrowse service (fetching UCSC Btau4 data, converting to a format compatible with GBrowse) at work (CIGENE, Centre for Integrative Genetics). Galaxy is a web application that deserves attention! Fetching data, sorting data, combining data sets, alignments, manipulations, fetching other data resulting from […]

Le Fin

I actually did it. I defended my thesis last week. Believe it or not. I certainly do not. At least not yet.  A summary of the thesis can be seen in the above picture (courtesy of Wordle). Now what?


Lately, being part of an academic environment, I have increasingly been aware of the insufficencies we face as human beings. Not that I don’t gape in astonishment of what is being achieved in both medical and technology related research advancements these days. But we have the potential to achieve so much more. And I feel, […]


Rune started playing with Trixbox this week. Even got himself mexican and US based DIDs! So. As I’ve been planning on setting up an Asterisk SIP telephone server ever since I was inspired by Øystein Homelien when I worked for him at PowerTech sometime last century; Rune is to blame that I spent the last […]

IPv4+IPv6 multihomed.

I recently bought an Apple Airport Extreme N. Mostly to get a more or less decent NAS. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it supports IPv6 out of the box; both automagical 6to4 and manual sit-type configured tunnels. As my trusty old IPv6-ISP PowerTech seems to have, temporarily (?), stopped caring about IPv6 (tunnel […]

She’s Got a Map of The World

Some months ago, my dad bought a Navibe GM720 (from Clas Ohlson, ~550NOK) to use with his laptop and AutoRoute while going on vacation to France. A couple of weeks ago, I started searching for an alternative to AutoRoute using my Mac. I found RouteBuddy. But I’m slightly turned off by paying $200 (program, maps […]

MacBook Core 2 Duo Trackpad Trouble

I recently convinced my sister to buy my beloved MacBook Core Duo, while I upgraded to the MacBook Core 2 Duo. Being lazy, I just swapped the hard drive from my old CD to the new C2D. I ran into two problems on my C2D: 1: The trackpad was recognized only as a mouse. I […]

what gets me every time

As I already mentioned, I’ve left the Dark Side, and has been rejuvenated. It feels great. This is a collection of software I utilise (to be updated). VirtueDesktops, Sidenote, Adium, Google Notifier, Connect360, Growl, RCDefaultApp, Flip4Mac, VLC, Journler, Cyberduck, iTerm, Mail.appetizer, Shrook, Xtorrent, Corripio, 4Peaks, EnzymeX, Geneious, Coot on OS X, NeoOffice, Firefox, LiquidCD, Quicksilver

If You Can’t Smile And Say Yes

Our lab environment is polluted by not only cancer inducing chemicals like ethidium bromide and the neurotoxic polyacrylamide. Even more disturbing is the frequent usuage of the radio. Or, to be more precise, the lack of a radio station that does not suck. Here in Norway we have a couple of commercial nation wide channels […]