(Last update: 2009-12-09)

Me, Torfinn Nome. Born 1977. Male. Norwegian. Student. Single.

Education (post high school):
2009-current: Bioinformatics PhD student, The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Departement of cancer prevention.
2005-2008: MSc Biotechnology, protein science, at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.
2002-2005: Bachelor degree, Medical Laboratory Technologist, at Østfold University College, Fredrikstad.

Work experience:
2007-2009: Systems Developer at Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE). (Bioinformatics, huge databases, Rocks clusters, etc.)
1995-2002: Network- and system administrator, programmer, etc. (pipes, ipv6, named, lusers, raid, BSD, Linux, Python, PHP, C, Perl, LDAP,++) (Telenor, Powertech, Styx, Simplemente, Abargon, Copyleft México.)

What I like:
Books: by Dahl, Simmons, Hamilton, DeLillo, Tolkien, Márquez, Ende
Movies: Le Grand Bleu, Il Postino, The Shining, Forrest Gump, La cité des enfants perdus, Starship Troopers, Shrek, Se7en, Amadeus, Deliverance
Sports: Skiing (telemark), biking, diving, sailing
Activities: Walking (personal favourite: Mexico City, endless streets), simulated aviation (pilot and controller)
Music: Check my Last.fm profile.

Contact: ENUM:+4785242339
For you old school people:
E-mail: torfinn@nome.noREMOVE
VoIP: sip:torfinn@nome.noREMOVE
XMPP: xmpp:torfinn@nome.noREMOVE
Twitter: @torfinnnome
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