Rune started playing with Trixbox this week. Even got himself mexican and US based DIDs! So. As I’ve been planning on setting up an Asterisk SIP telephone server ever since I was inspired by Øystein Homelien when I worked for him at PowerTech sometime last century; Rune is to blame that I spent the last two days on doing exactly that. I signed up with a norwegian SIP provider, Phonzo, and got a nice deal on a Siemens Gigaset C450 IP DECT+SIP phone. And it works pretty well, it even has STUN support.
But. Why didn’t I know about ENUM before now?! I fell in love. Instantly. I enabled ENUM support on my Trixbox server, using Sipbroker, and registered my PSTN/GSM numbers at Now, if only people could stop using that horrible Skype service (I refuse to link them), and start using services like Free World Dialup and Gizmo, and register the number in the ENUM database, we would all be able to call the the whole world for free. Regular telephone companies must be scared to death. No wonder the iPhone doesn’t have a SIP client - I bet Apple wants it, but I bet even more that AT&T refuses to accept it…
So. All of you: Get rid of Skype. Get a SIP (soft)phone. Get a free number. Register (ENUM) your current phone number. Make it point to your Internet SIP phone. Tell your friends.

Hm! As if I ever want to call people… (I still prefer e-mail for most communications. Good thing I registered my e-mail address with my ENUM entry!)