She’s Got a Map of The World

Some months ago, my dad bought a Navibe GM720 (from Clas Ohlson, ~550NOK) to use with his laptop and AutoRoute while going on vacation to France. A couple of weeks ago, I started searching for an alternative to AutoRoute using my Mac. I found RouteBuddy. But I’m slightly turned off by paying $200 (program, maps for France and Scandinavia), when Autoroute is less than half that price. So I searched some more, and found Roadnav! It’s free, open source (GPL), and works with my Mac. Even the maps are free! For maps in Europe, Roadnav uses the OpenStreetMap database. Only … well, there is a high discrepancy between The World and OpenStreetMap, said gently. Some scattered roads, no street names, etc. Especially in places like Norway (excluding Oslo, the capital). Too bad. Well. Not really. I connected the GPS receiver to my MacBook, downloaded some software, and started driving around. GPSd while driving, to get the coordinates. GPSBabel to convert the raw file to GPX. And JOSM to map the coordinates into streets and upload to the OpenStreetMap project. I spent this evening listening to my favourite cellist, Truls Mørk, drinking whisky, and mapping parts of Fredrikstad and Ås. Not at all bad. Now, if I only spend the next 200 years driving, I might cover a fraction of Europe, to make the maps I thought I needed…

2 thoughts on “She’s Got a Map of The World”

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the tips, and for improving the maps!
    I have the same GM720, from C.O., but I can’t seem to make it work on my Core Duo MacMini. I’m new to mac, but all I can figure out is that it does not get detected in any way. Roadnav gets nothing on autodetect, on serial/USB only finds the bluetooth in /dev so he lets me choose between a bt modem or a bt-connected pda. Both not got. Can I get drivers for it somewhere? thanks for the help.

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