what gets me every time

As I already mentioned, I’ve left the Dark Side, and has been rejuvenated. It feels great. This is a collection of software I utilise (to be updated).

VirtueDesktops, Sidenote, Adium, Google Notifier, Connect360, Growl, RCDefaultApp, Flip4Mac, VLC, Journler, Cyberduck, iTerm, Mail.appetizer, Shrook, Xtorrent, Corripio, 4Peaks, EnzymeX, Geneious, Coot on OS X, NeoOffice, Firefox, LiquidCD, Quicksilver

One thought on “what gets me every time”

  1. Flip4Mac is probably something from your list that I use most frequently. Telestream also has a new DVD imaging app…Drive In…very cool, check it out HERE
    Pict2Icon is a good tool…Gallerie, excellent photo/web builder, iRatchet-great invoicing app, too

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