…meters. One hour, forty-nine minutes. I expected worse. Having gained interest in running during the summer, heavily influated by Lasse and fellow co-workers at Folkehelseinstituttet, I started running early August. Yesterday, I participated in Oslo Marathon, running the 1/2 marathon. I guess I’m kind of hooked. In September I ran a 11km off-road race, Sørkedalsløpet. October 14th I will run the 9.7km Nøklevann Rundt race. Even tho I much prefer running off-pist tracks, I have a goal; completing a full marathon within two years. I feel kind of wasted today, my legs are extremely stiff, and I just feel like doing nothing. But, I will follow Anita’s (co-lab-student) advice of running at least 40 minutes, “with a pace that would ashame your gramma”.

Update: I didn’t manage 40 minutes. I managed 20 meters… Now, a week later, I still struggle with something that might be the classical “running knee”. Sigh.