You have probably heard the phrase functional food. In Norway, the government have quite strict rules of what modifications are allowed to food and beverage. I don’t know the details, but so far I’ve only seen orange juice with artificially added calcium, milk with vitamin D, yoghurt with the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG), etc.

One of my colleagues in the protein engineering lab, our resident super star (as in music), Lasse Fredriksen, is taking this a step further. His master thesis will aim towards finding a way to use one of these lactobacillus bacteria as vaccine carriers to our intestines, where our immune system will create antibodies, hopefully giving us immune resistance to the specified disease. And all you ladies out there, the vaccine he will try to incorporate is against the HPV type 16! (Associcated with cervical cancer.) Interesting stuff. I’m sure the future will bring loads of these specialised functional modifications. Maybe even directly linked against your own, personal, genome.

Oh, and btw, check out his band: Sanguine