I’ve learned a lot these first weeks. And the feeling of being totally lost is gradually fading. Still, talking about green fingers, my head definitely feels green sometimes… Anway. I got the primers. I did PCR. I did gel electrophoresis, isolating the genes I multiplied. Today I started the transformation progress, using the Zero Blunt TOPO technology. Tomorrow I will know if my first GMO (Gene Modified Organism) experiment was successfull or not. And later this week I will know if I actually managed to insert the correct sequence into the E. coli or not. Looking forward to checking out the agar plates tomorrow! My other life: Weekend; at our cabin in Valdres. The weather was absolutely perfect. Blue sky, no wind, -5 celcius. I spent the days enjoying cross country skiing, reading a norwegian classic horror book (“Døde menn går i land”), and listening to the Olympics on the radio.