So. I’m installed in the lab. I’ve done my initial share of mixing up buffers and LB media for the E.coli bacteria (the ever-present lab workhorse). I’ve created a (tiny) stock of vectors (pRSET based), and should work out the primers for PCR amplifying the two chitin binding proteins I will work on. Trying not to drown in protocols and all kind of information these first weeks, I’ve set up a wiki, and I think it will be quite useful. Actually, I think the whole lab should switch to the OpenWetWare system. My supervisor seems to like the idea, at least. But I guess the management is sick and tired of this happening every year, with new students trying to change the lab… (I know I would!) Today, I spent most of the day playing around with PyMOL, which provides “real-time visualization and rapid generation of high-quality molecular graphics images and animations“. It will definitely help trying to understand the chitin binding processes. Oh, and by the way: PubCrawler. “It goes to the library - you go to the pub(TM)”. You gotta love it.