Streptomyces coelicolor. G+. Usually inhabits soil, and is an important decomposer. It produces a wide range of antibiotics. But also chitin degrading proteins, including chitinases, chitosanasis and chitin binding proteins (CBPs). My work will aim towards creating models of two CBPs (Q9RDB8 and Q9RJF2) found in this bacteria and comparing the electrostatical interactions with other models, including the S. marcescens CBP21. There are three types of chitin. Alpha, beta, and a mixture of these. I will isolate different types of chitin from Aspergillus niger, insects, squid (akkar) and algae. The CBPs usually have different affinity to different types of chitin, and I will characterise them. Finally, grouping all known sequences of CBP with hydrophobic cluster analysis, phylogenetical trees, biolayout, etc.