Had my first flight on VATSIM today! Hooray! Whee, it was fun. Been wanting to join in for a least 4 months, and finally, after reading lots of documents on how to behave, and procedures and maps, I had my first go. And I liked it! I’m a “virtual pilot” for Scandinavian Airlines, and can only fly the Fokker 50 now. After 20 air-hours I can go to the smaller jets. Man, am I glad automn is arriving. Hoping for lots of bad weather.

Ok, had 4 flights tonight, the last 3 with ATC online. Torp-Stavanger, Stockholm-Torp, Oslo-Gothenburg. All in the F50. :-)

Ordered a Radeon 9800Pro (and some fans, for the added heat) card yesterday, so I can use Microsoft FlightSim 9. Hopefully getting it tomorrow.

Hans Petter Jansson brought me my salary from Abargon with him from Mexico, when he came visiting last week. He also brought me some excellent coffe. He’s nice, I like Hans Petter.

Haven’t been online to FIX much lately. They are having a sysop election, and I’m not running, being one of the original sysops. I really have nothing to offer being a sysop anymore, so I feel it’s time to step down. Not that I ever had anything to offer… Oh well.