Man, le Tour de France is the greatest reality TV show I can imagine.

I’ve been out biking reasonably frequently lately, inspired by TDF. I can’t believe how fast they bike. I can hardly manage an average speed of 30kmph on distances under 40km. An they do 50kmph for 50km!

Gramma (Mormor) has finally been approved for a permanent stay in an old folks home. She really could’nt stay home any longer. We had to be around 24h. One day my Mum left home for 30 minutes, and when she came back a neighbour had found her lying in the bushes outside the house (and she can hardly walk), screaming for help.

Our new flat in Oslo is great. Astrid and Regis lives there now. It’s in downtown Oslo, and close to everything. Perfect. THe best thing: It has an underground garage.